The Sophia Elizabeth Foundation truly relies on volunteers to help provide compassionate care to those in need. Our network of generous volunteers, donors and employees share a mission of relieving human distress in the face of difficulties, here in our community. Whatever your availability, the Sophia Elizabeth Foundation and its local partners need you.

As a new volunteer, the S.E.F Volunteer Team will help you become engaged in the life-changing mission of the Sophia Elizabeth Foundation and its local non-profit partners!

The Sophia Elizabeth Foundation is a Christian Based Non-Profit Organization, the SEF team and SEF Volunteers acknowledge that others have differing beliefs and accept that is their right to do so.

*A  S.E.F Volunteer is an individual who freely assists the Sophia Elizabeth Foundation in the accomplishment of its mission, and other non-profit organizations in your community without expectation or receipt of compensation.

You can make a difference in the hearts of many!

Join The S.E.F Volunteer Team!