You can make a difference in the hearts of many!

Providing fresh healthy meals to the hungry.

In the Sophia Elizabeth Foundation, we've committed ourselves to this -- to provide healthier meals every single day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  An important step in rebuilding one's life is rebuilding yourself and your body, which you can't do without nutritious and healthy meals.

Many of the families and individuals who come to Shelly's Kitchen are already vulnerable from lack of access to a balanced diet, whether because of food scarcity, or living in a food desert.

The meals offered in our Shelly's Kitchen is always a healthy mix of all of the basic food groups. We offer many fresh fruits and vegetables to our guests so that they have the same nutrition available to them that makes for healthy eating.

  • Cereal Boxes
  • Loafs of bread
  • Snacks
  • Deli Meat
  • Fruits
  • Creamer
  • Milk
  • Coffee
  • Water Bottles
  • Soda Cans
  • Juice
  • Sugar

Meals Are Made Possible by Caring Donors:

The Sophia Elizabeth Foundation’s  Shelly’s Kitchen serves more than 1,000 meals a month to homeless men, women, and children and more recently, the unemployed who are doing everything possible to make ends meet here in our community. 

We depend on the generosity of caring donors to help meet the needs of people, many of whom have nowhere else to turn.  Thanks to donations of food and volunteer time, it costs us only $2.00 to serve a meal. 

Your gift does so much more than provide a nutritious meal.  It tells the person receiving the meal that you and thousands of other people care and want to help them to overcome their hunger and help them with other needs in their lives.

We will post the proposed meal for Sunday on Wednesday

  1. The menu will be broken down into sections. 
  2. Each Section will be an item, or part of an item needed for that meal.
  3. The cost of an Item will be $10 or less.
  4. You can sign up for an item, by simply commenting on the post.
  5. ​If you CAN'T sign up for an item, you can still help serve.
  6. If you CAN sign up for an item, but you can't serve, we can arrange a pick up. 

You can also do monetary contributions.

These are items we could always use for our meal and can be donated at any time and in any amount

"A meal will sustain them and kindness will change them."

A plate & a place at our table.

We believe everyone has the right to have access to food.
Shelly's Kitchen mission is four fold:

  1. To provide a reliable source of food for those who are hungry
  2. To support good nutrition through our meals.
  3. To offer connections to other services.
  4. To strengthen community through shared service.

Through our weekly meal outreach, we serve around 12,000 meals annually. 

People of every background, race, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, religion, and of any age may enjoy the meal without fear of being turned away.