Our Student Kits Include*:

1 backpack
3 pens, Black

3 pens, red

3 pens, blue
1 2-pocket folder
1 child's scissors
1 pencil case

12 pencils
1 box crayons

1 set markers
1 set colored pencils

1 pencil sharpener

1 highlighter
3 notebooks

3 folders

1 pack filler paper

2 large pink erasers

1 12" ruler

2 glue sticks

1 school glue, 4 oz.

1 box tissues

*Student Kits are build based on grade, and items are replaced based on that. We wont give a High school Student crayons but we will provide a scientific calculator instead.

School Ready Program assists low income families with children enrolled in K-12 Grade with  financial assistance for educational related expenses. Our mission is to ensure that every child is prepared to learn and succeed by providing free school supplies locally to students most in need.

Ensuring each child has access to the basic tools needed to achieve academic success.

In S.E.F we strongly believe that:

  1. No schoolchild should be held accountable for the financial circumstances their families currently face.
  2. No family should have the burden of not being able to provide the basic school materials for the education of their child.
  3. We all deserve an Education; we all deserve the opportunity to improve ourselves, our family, and our community.
Education can make a lasting difference in children’s lives. But education is not just good for children, it’s good for our community. Investing in education isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s smart economics. Education can put people on a path towards good health, empowerment, and employment. It can help to build more peaceful communities. the children who would most benefit from an education are those most denied it through no fault of their own. Many of the families we serve in the Antelope Valley are struggling financially. That's where you and S.E.F. come in!

You can make a difference in the hearts of many!

Ways To Help

1. Our Amazon wish list has the items that we need most. It's the most convenient way to help, all item purchased from the wish list get mailed directly to S.E.F.

2. Host a Drive with your family and friends. We can guide you, if you need help. Email us at sef@sophiaeli.org  for more information
3. Make a cash donation

Through sponsorship and donations, we have provided pre-assembled backpacks filled with essential school supplies locally to families in need.

Since 2016 S.E.F has provided more than 50,000 pre-assembled backpacks.  

Help us provide complete Backpacks to Schoolchildren with all the supplies needed to have the best start, supplies that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.