purple pledge $5 on the 5th Vehicle fundraiser

You can make a difference in the hearts of many!

For One Year, I Pledge $5 on the 5th of the month!

We’re raising money to acquire a S.E.F Vehicle!

Taking it nice and slow, you can help by pledging as little as $5 every 5th of the month!

Pledge $10 on the 10th or $30 on the 30th! Your donation, no matter how small, will make a very real difference in the lives of those we serve.

The Sophia Elizabeth Foundation (S.E.F) Team is serving over 500 meals a week, delivering over 15,000 Lbs of groceries a month.

S.E.F is operated by volunteers.

We rely on the support of our community to provide basic necessities to struggling families and individuals. Assisting those in need with clothing, school related expenses, groceries, nonperishable items and prepared hot meals. Vehicles are a necessity for the Sophia Elizabeth Foundation, but S.E.F doesn’t have the means to acquire a commercial vehicle and we rely on our personal vehicles to serve our community.

The S.E.F outreach is growing and our personal vehicles can no longer meet the need.

We need a cargo van or box truck type vehicle that has enough capacity for S.E.F to ferry supplies from point A to point B, tend to the individuals we serve and deliver prepared food for SEF’s Meals Program. We have been very, very blessed this year with all the support we get from caring people and local business owners to keep our programs active. This growth is surpassing the capacity of our personal vehicles.

We will be using this for all of the Meals Program Meals, Matthew 25 Program grocery donation pickups, transport equipment and supplies, some transport of miscellaneous donations to the local organizations we assist as well as picking up furniture and other large items being donated to the Sophia Elizabeth Foundation.