You can make a difference in the hearts of many!

“Whoever you are and wherever you find yourself on the journey of faith there is a place for you here.”

Mobile Ministry focused on nourishing the spiritual body of our veterans, homeless,and families in the Antelope Valley. Just like you need physical food for physical strength, you need spiritual food for spiritual strength. The Bible describes itself as spiritual food — the water, milk, bread, and meat of our spiritual lives. It’s everything you need for sustenance. If you were a construction contractor, you wouldn’t consider sending out a guy who hadn’t eaten anything in two weeks. If you were a commander in the Army, you wouldn’t send a person into battle who hadn’t eaten in a month. Right? We need to feed ourselves to have the strength to accomplish the tasks ahead of us. You’re not going to have much success in winning the spiritual battles you face if you’re starving yourself to death. That’s why we need to feed on the Word of God. Unlike eating physical food, whenever I feed on God’s Word, I get even hungrier. The more I taste and see how good God is, the more I want.

We collect and redistribute goods, edible food to 200 households or more a day.

This food, which would otherwise be discarded, comes from these sources:
Surplus food: grocers, wholesalers, and gardeners
Prepared and perishable food: local restaurants and caterers

We continue to strive to fill the gap between individual income and government benefits by providing emergency food assistance through our Program.

These food assistance bags include fruits and vegetables, grains, and protein, to help ensure that those receiving assistance are eating balanced nutritious meals. By helping ease the pains of hunger, recipients are provided with some peace of mind and the fortitude necessary to focus on other areas of crisis in their lives.

While roughly 80% of the families and individuals receiving food assistance are financially stable outside of their food needs, nearly 20% of recipients are in need of additional assistance.  For these people, their additional needs are identified and the Beacon Program assists them to help ensure that stability can be regained.