Everyone needs a little help from time to time. If you, or someone you know, needs assistance, we can help locate the help you need, here, in our community.

Matthew 25's mission is to support men, women and children in crisis, and build their confidence and self-esteem, by providing great quality clothing, fresh groceries and nonperishable food at no cost, assisted by caring and committed volunteers who offer personalized service and interaction.

We are able to provide a little light and fun in otherwise tough situations. Many of our guests have only the clothing on their backs… we remedy this! Through generous donations we make sure these individuals have what they need to reclaim their place in society. This program is designed to help lift the burden of poverty and hardship from those in need in our community.

The Matthew 25 program offers donated clothing, shoes, books, groceries and household items at no charge to individuals and families in need.

  • Most distributions will take place in easily accessible  Locations - rain or shine and until supplies run out.
  • When the S.E.F. Team arrives at a site, volunteers place the items on tables. You will be then able to "shop", choosing items that YOU need. But please be considerate of others, only take what you need to allow more people to be blessed.
  • For Food & Clothing Outreach please bring your own bags and boxes to carry your items
  • No appointment is needed. You can show up during distribution hours. Donations can be made during these hours as well, unless another time is arranged with the S.E.F. Team.
  • Proof of income is not required
  • Individuals are asked sign in and indicate household size at location of giveaway


Help us by signing up for Text Alerts

The purpose of signing up is to allow the Sophia Elizabeth Foundation to know the amount of resources that need to be available to assist individuals in need in our community.  You do not need to sign up to receive help, but it does help the Sophia Elizabeth Foundation stock and acquire adequate amounts of resources to help as many individuals as possible.


1. Take only what you need. Be considerate of others.
2. You may not take items for "your neighbor" or someone who is not present. If you are helping someone in need that can not be present, please reach out to the SEF Team ahead of time to make the proper arrangements.
3. These items are for your personal use only - items received can not be sold.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is Matthew 25 Program?
    M25 is a program of the Sophia Elizabeth Foundation. This program helps families and individuals with basic necessities ranging from non perishable food, groceries, clothing and miscellaneous household items.
  2. Who can request help?
    Anyone that has an immediate need.
  3. Do I need proof of address, income, etc?
    No,you don't have to prove your need.
  4. Why do I need to sign up to the Program?
    Sign ups are for the Sophia Elizabeth Foundation records, reports and to know how much is needed to fulfill the need.
  5. Can I and my husband both sign up?
    No, one sign up per household per address.
  6. What is the benefit of getting signed up?
    You will get a Text, Call, or Email (depending on your preferred contact) informing you of any available  outreaches in your area. Even though it will be posted on S.E.F. Facebook page this will give you  the opportunity to be one of the first ones to know. Keep in mind that all our outreaches are First Come First Served basis.
  7. I am signed up, am I  guaranteed to get food?
    No, all our outreaches are First Come First Served.
  8. What days do you give groceries?
    There's no set schedule, and no set location. Times and Locations vary to be able to help as many as possible.
  9. Is delivery available?
    Case by Case only to the discretion of the S.E.F. Team.
  10. Do I need to bring anything?
    Yes, your best smile!

You can make a difference in the hearts of many!