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The issues that our community face are not seasonal, which is why we need your help! Devote an afternoon and see first-hand the families we help daily.




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Rochelle D.

Vice President of Programs.

S.E.F  is a Christian Based Non-Profit Organization established in The Antelope Valley with a simple mission in mind, to help those who need it most, in our community.  Our mission is to improve the quality of life of low-income and disadvantaged individuals and families by advocating for their needs and rights; providing services; educating the community; building a community of support; participating in coalitions with other advocates, nonprofits, Local Business Owners and searching for new resources and partnerships to better our community.‚Äč

A meal will sustain them and kindness will change them

In the Sophia Elizabeth Foundation, we've committed ourselves to this -- to provide healthier meals every single day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  An important step in rebuilding one's life is rebuilding yourself and your body, which you can't do without nutritious and healthy meals.

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Eugenia Ann W.

Vice President of Administration.

Darlene O.

Vice President of Development

We are in need of a cargo van (new or used) that will be used for transport of donations and meal outreach.  If you can help, please contact Rochelle Dilick at (661) 750 7733 or

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