Let’s put an end to poverty, hunger and homelessness!

Matthew 25

Offers clothing, shoes, books and household items at no charge to individuals and families in need.

SEF has 3 Active Programs for ensuring that every member of our community has a chance to reach his or her potential.

The Sophia Elizabeth Foundation (SEF) is a comprehensive organization that has recognized that many populations within our community need strength based services that lead to self sufficiency, personal responsibility, and the ability to lead an everyday life. 

SEF's goal is to help each person to reach their potential so they may have a successful future, enjoying their life fully and participating as productive taxpaying citizens.

SEF also helps improve the community’s economic viability and diversity through programs that assist children to become ready for school and prepare adults find and maintain employment.


Shelly's Kitchen

Focuses in providing a reliable source of food for those who are hungry.

School Ready

Focuses on the Educational needs of low income children enrolled from K-12th Grade.