Let’s put an end to poverty, hunger and homelessness!

We depend on the generosity of caring donors to help meet the needs of people, many of whom have nowhere else to turn.  Thanks to donations of food and volunteer time, our serving cost is fairly low at The Sophia Elizabeth Foundation but we still need your help

You can help us meet the needs of a homeless person by donating JUST $1.00 a month. Help the Sophia Elizabeth Foundation with just $1 a month.

Your gift does so much more than provide a nutritious meal.  It tells the person receiving the meal that you and thousands of other people care and want to help them to overcome their hunger and help them with other needs in their lives.

Your Donation is Tax Deductible

The Sophia Elizabeth Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization is dedicated to assisting the poor and homeless of the Antelope Valley through programs that provide nutritious meals, clothing, work opportunities and ultimately the transition to full-time employment and life off the streets. We accept no government funds, thanks to the support from our generous donors and volunteers.

With your help, we are able to NURTURE our homeless clients without restrictions, and give them the quality time and assistance to meet their unique and individual needs.

You can make a difference with $1 a month.

While a dollar a month does not sound like a lot of money and could not possibly change or impact anything,

it can!

We are not asking you to help them all, all we ask is that you help one.

Donate $1 a month, that is all we ask.

One dollar can change a life